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This time let’s speak about Isola Bella, Taormina, a characteristic rocky island sheltered by the coast, inside the city of Taormina in the bay of Mazzarò.  Nowadays Isola Bella is a protected marine reserve and appears in the UNESCO Tentative list. Characterised by views of rocky mountains which drop into the sea and crystal clear water that stems it, Isola Bella has become famous through time. The bonus is certainly a submerged strip of beach a small distance from the coast which becomes a peninsular at low tide…

Its name was given by the German baron Wilhelm Gloeden inspired by the artistic silhouette of the place. Isola Bella through time has had various owners: nobles, business men and celebrities of great importance. There was also a villa built inside with a swimming pool set between its rocks. Nowadays Isola Bella safeguards the Centre for Environmental Protection of the University of Catania, the CUTGANA.

Every year tens of thousands of tourists flock down the stairs to go and admire the island from its interior. With its pebbly beach it doesn’t leave much space for anything other than the need to enjoy a day by the sea in harmony with nature.  But the island doesn’t finish here, you can go on an excursion by boat, visiting all the areas bordering the inside of the protected marine reserve and admire all of the Taormina coastline.

The excursions usually go towards the Blue Grotto, passing the bay of Mermaids and the island of figs, browsing slowly northwards, including all of the marine reserve, and you can admire the fauna and flora on the mountains overhanging the sea, in particular some dry plants and nesting birds, like the Pellegrino falcon and the commorants.

But this stretch of sea has also become popular with lovers of diving and snorkelling which, thanks to its beautiful rare seabed with a marine meadow and some grottoes at the base of the island, makes it especially suitable and of interest for these activities.

It is really worthwhile, even just to have an ice-cream, drink a cocktail or eat at one of the many restaurants positioned on the beach.  Isola Bella is easily reached even from the centre of Taormina thanks to an excellent cable-car service.

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