Blue Grotto Taormina
blue grotto taormina

Visit to the Blue Grotto, Taormina

In the heart of the Marine Park of Isola Bella, well-hidden, and enfolded by a 25-metre wall, you will find the Blue Grotto of Taormina. A magical place where you can admire the sea in all its glory, with the water of such vivid and flamboyant colours in which the sun is reflected. Crystal clear sea beds where you can spot sea urchins, starfish, coral, and a wide variety of fish, as far as 20 metres deep with the naked eye.

It is truly a wonderful experience. It is difficult to describe in words the beauty of this place, and thanks to the proposed activities below on how to get there, it makes it much easier to admire it in person.

How to get to the Blue Grotto

You will find the Blue Grotto of Taormina on the southern side of the marine park, beside Capo Sant’ Andrea, less than 100 metres from the beach of Isola Bella.

The fastest way of reaching it, if you are coming from Taormina, is to make use of the cable car. It departs very near to the terminal bus station and leaves you about 150 metres from the entrance to the reserve, then climb down the 200 steps which will take you to the beach. In any case, an excursion by sea will be necessary as many beaches can only be reached by boat or with a Kayak Tour.

If you are arriving by the A18 motorway, exit Taormina or SS 114, coming from both Catania and Messina directions, then go in the direction of Isola Bella or Giardini Naxos.

The best excursions leave from Naxos Bay

We advise you always to book the excursions leaving from Giardini Naxos, where you can take advantage of a wonderful mini cruise in small groups, that will take you right inside the grotto. From the Bay of Naxos to the Bay of Mazzarò, passing by sea along the protected Marine Park and then lingering in the Bay of Mermaids, and of course, the Blue Grotto. Then finishing off with a refreshing swim in the Bay of Isola Bella.

For lovers of water sports, it is possible to take advantage of specific adventures, such as Kayak, snorkelling tours or if you like, scuba diving for both beginners and experts.

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