Food and wine experience of Sicily

Food and Wine Tours of Sicily – A fantastic travel destination for all seasons and all tastes.  Where the landscape of nature changes into subdued views shaped by mankind.  Testimony to art and history going back in time to almost three thousand years with Greek archaeological sites scattered in the east and west, and not least the splendour of the Sicilian baroque.  You can go to the seaside then on leaving the beach, after a few kilometres you can reach wild woodland or Mount Etna, the great volcano that dominates Catania and all of the east coast …

What to do in Catania

If you come to Sicily you have to visit Catania, the second most important city in the area after the capital Palermo. Like Palermo, you can get here easily by plane, or by train, a slower method of transport but more interesting as there are many colorful sights along the way. It is well connected to the other parts of the island by a good public transport system.